Name: Jess Perrin
Age: 24
Location: Birmingham
Occupation: Master’s Student/ Freelance Illustrator

Hi Jess, let’s start things off with a fun fact about yourself!

I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan (books not films) and I’ve got a secret Harry Potter tattoo!

Wow! Have you seen ‘Hairy Potter’ in Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery? You’d love him! So, can you tell us about your involvement in The Big Sleuth project?

I saw the call for submissions for The Big Sleuth in December and thought I just had to apply! I never thought my design would actually be chosen and it’s been an absolutely fantastic experience meeting so many fellow artists and actually seeing my design come to life. Since then I have been helping out with odd jobs for the team and now I’m lucky enough to be a maintenance artist, which means I’m a proud member of the Bear Care team!

That’s paw-some! Why did you want to join the Bear Care team?

Well, I have enjoyed every minute of being part of The Big Sleuth so far that I didn’t want it to end. I am super protective over my own bear Bearjing and his friends that I wanted to keep them looking bright and shiny for the duration of the trail!

So, what do you do as a Bear Care team member? 

As a Bear Care team member I go around the trail checking over the bears and giving them a clean and polish. Sometimes, if they have been loved a bit too much I’ll touch up their paintwork to make sure they are as good as new!

Sounds fun! What is your favourite thing about The Big Sleuth?

There are just so many great things about The Big Sleuth that it is too hard to pick just one! Everyone behind the trail is just so lovely but I think my favourite thing is that it is for such a great cause and it is fantastic to know you’re doing something for that cause.

Which is your favourite bear? Other than your own! 

I think my favourite bear apart from Bearjing would have to be either Rosie at Birmingham University, or Hettie the Heritage Bear which sits at Church Street Square with Bearjing.

It’s so hard to choose, they’re all bear-tastic! So, is this your first Wild in Art project? 

Yes, this is my first Wild In Art project but hopefully it won’t be my last!

Do you have a connection to Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity?  

Apart from being a part of The Big Sleuth project, no.

Have you finished the trail yet?

I have done a large portion of the trail, but I haven’t been on the satellite trails around Sutton and Solihull yet. It’s definitely on my summer to do list though!

Let’s finish on a high, what’s your favourite bear-related joke?  

Why aren’t Teddy bears ever hungry?
A: Because they’re always stuffed.

Hair-larious! Thanks so much for speaking to us today Jess, you better get off and carry on with your Bear Care duties!!! We think you’re doing a grrr-eat job!