Name: Megan Evans
Age: 24
Location: Northfield, Birmingham
Occupation: Tattoo Artist

Hi Megan, thanks for joining us, can you tell us a fun fact about yourself to kick things off!

Hi, thanks for having me! Hmmmm a fun fact, I’ve recently got into Morris Dancing and dance around with hankies, sticks and bells every Thursday.

That sounds fun! Can you tell us about your involvement in The Big Sleuth project?

I’ve painted two bears for The Big Sleuth, The Gas Street Bearsin as Solihull College & University and Woakesy @ Edgbearston at Edgbaston Cricket Ground.

It’s been an absolutely incredible experience and seeing the trail go live over the past couple of weeks has been the highlight. Seeing everyone enjoying the work you’ve put so much effort and so many hours into is such a heart warming feeling and knowing it’s all for an incredible cause – Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity, is so brilliant.

I originally got chosen for one design, but after seeing my work I was lucky enough to be chosen to do a special celebrity bear for Edgbaston based on England Cricket player Chris Woakes and it’s been such an honour!

Round of a-paws! So, why did you want to join the Bear Care team?

I wanted to be involved in the Bear Care team as I just can’t get enough of The Big Sleuth and want to help in any way possible! It’s a sad reality that due to people enjoying the bears on the trail, some will get damaged, but myself & a few others can be there to make sure they’re looked after and mended when need be so they can be sparkly new for the next visitors!

So, what exactly do you do as a Bear Care team member? 

I personally look after 14 bears, 8 in South Birmingham and 6 in Solihull, and once a week I go round to clean them and check if anything needs repairing. Occasionally you get little scratches and scuffs that need touching up and re-varnishing so we’re there to make sure they’re always looking their best!

We think you’re doing a grr-eat job! So, what is your favourite thing about The Big Sleuth?

My favourite thing so far, apart from obviously being involved in such an amazing cause, has been seeing everyone’s reactions towards the bears and seeing all of the selfies online. It’s always a proud moment when your artwork is shown to the world, and being involved in such a huge public art trail where thousands of people can see your work makes it so much more special.

Which is your favourite bear? You can’t pick your own… 

It’s so hard to pick as they’re all so incredible, but I think one of my favourites is Captain Blue Bear! Who can’t love a bear dressed as a pirate?!

We love that one too! Is this your first Wild in Art project?

Yes, but hopefully not my last! I’m definitely going to be applying to future projects and hopefully get to keep being involved!

Good luck! Do you have a connection to Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity? 

My boyfriend has worked for Birmingham Children’s Hospital for a number of years and is currently a Care Support Worker at the Mental Health Unit in Moseley. He absolutely loves his job and sees first-hand how fundraising can help children directly.

That’s good to hear! So, have you done the trail yet?

I’ve started! I’m currently only on 39, but I will definitely be completing the trail!

To finish things off, can you tell us your best bear joke?

What do Mexican bears like to eat?
A. Bear-ittos!

Thanks so much Megan, we know you’re busy caring for the bears.

Don’t be shy if you see our bear-illiant Bear Care team out and about on The Big Sleuth trail, they’re very friendly and might be able to tell you some interesting bear facts!