Get Involved and Raise Funds for Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity

Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity strives to deliver projects that go above and beyond NHS standards – pushing boundaries and improving excellence in research, treatment and patient experience, in order to provide the very best for the children and families in the hospital’s care.

Following the fantastic success of The Big Hoot, which raised in total over £625,000 for Birmingham Children’s Hospital, the charity is delighted to be working with Wild in Art once again to bring you The Big Sleuth.

You might have your own bear-illiant fundraising ideas but we’ve come up with a few to get you started and raise funds.

Become a Super Sleuth

Channel your inner detective and get sponsored to find every bear on The Big Sleuth Trail! You could take on a timed trek and record yourself with a photo at each bear. Post your pictures to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #TheBigSleuth.

Big Sleuth Bake

Make like Mary ‘Bear-y’ and ‘Paw-l’ Hollywood by holding a Big Sleuth Bake! Everyone loves a piece of cake and a bake sale is one of the most popular ways to raise funds. You could theme your sale with ‘cub’ cakes and bear shaped biscuits or decorations. Selling tea, coffee and hot chocolate or holding a Big Sleuth Raffle will also help boost your profits.

Bring your Bear….

A ‘paw-fect’ fundraiser for the classroom or your youth group! Get everyone to bring their favourite cuddly bear along for the day in return for a donation. Hold a competition to guess whose bear is whose, or stage a teddy bears picnic with prizes for the cutest, scruffiest or friendliest looking bear.

If you’ve got an idea and are planning an activity, please let the fundraising team know by registering here. You can find out more about the charity at