Big Bears

The Big Sleuth bear has been created specifically for Birmingham.

Created by Guy McKinley and developed by Wild in Art, our bear sculpture has been designed to act as a canvas for artists, schools and communities to showcase the creativity and uniqueness of Birmingham. The world’s smallest species of bear, the Sun Bear is also known as the Honey Bear as it likes to eat vast quantities of it – using its trademark incredibly long tongue to scoop it all up. The Sun Bear originates from South Asia and will bring out the explorer and traveller in all of us to ensure we all get more active to walk, jog, run or cycle the trail.

Who Looks Outside, Dreams; Who Looks Inside, Awakes

Inspired by the Holi Festival, this bear’s design is a festival of colour and celebration of life.

Captain Blue Bear

This salty sea bear left his home in South Asia to travel the globe with his bear crew, or ‘sleuth’….

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Dharma is the word for key concepts with multiple meanings in the Indian religions. A peaceful and mindful bear, his…

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This bear is influenced by the most famous of Shakespeare’s stage directions ‘Exit, pursued by a bear’ from Act III…

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Sun bears live in tropical forests and feed on fruits and insects. They also use their long tongues to extract…

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I Just Wanna Be Your Teddy Bear

This sun bear pays tribute to ‘The King’, as Birmingham regularly hosts Europe’s largest, annual, Elvis tribute artist convention. Teddy…

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Picnic Time For Teddy Bears

This bear is based on the classic children’s song ‘The Teddy Bears’ Picnic’, which was a favourite of the artist…

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This bear design is largely based on the coat of arms and heraldry of Birmingham (i.e. the city of Birmingham…

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Bradley’s Bear

This bear was designed by Bradley Simpson, lead singer of The Vamps, following a visit to Birmingham Children’s Hospital. The…

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This design sees Birmingham through a whimsical lens – populated by different species of bears as well as a myriad…

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Bear It In Mindfulness…

This bear is inspired by the artist’s love of South East Asia and its breathtaking flora and fauna. In a…

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The Honey Hunter

The ferns and foliage capture the lush growth of the sun bear’s habitat, the threatened rainforests of South East Asia….

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