The Big Sleuth App

Find & Collect Bears

‘Open Trail’ to find and locate bears on the map. Or select ‘Trails’ in the top menu and search for big and little bears under the tabs. Simply enter the 4 digit code found on the bear plaque to unlock your discovery. There are two ways to enter the code: on the bear’s page or by clicking the ‘Found’ tab at the top. Plus you can give the bear a vote or share!

Unlock Rewards

When you find and collect bears you’ll pick up lots of exciting rewards along the way! There are also trophies available when you complete a certain no. of miles, find your first bear, find all the Sutton Coldfield Town Centre Bears and find all the Sandwell Bears.

Use the Pedometer

Track your trail and use the pedometer to measure your metres, miles, steps and time spent on the trail. It’s a great way to get fit and have fun along the way. Click the yellow play button to start and the pause button to stop the pedometer. Location services must be enabled ‘Always’ in Settings for the Pedometer to track correctly. The step count is based on the average size step.

Your Stats

Track your progress around the Big Sleuth trail. See how many bears you’ve collected, how many rewards you’ve unlocked and what percentage of the trail you’ve completed. Plus you can see the most voted and most visited bears.

Activate your Fundraising

Now you can activate your fundraising and connect the app with your JustGiving page. Head to ‘Fundraise’ and get sponsored to take on our 3 x Super Sleuth Challenges specifically designed to raise funds as you collect bears on the move!

Need more help?

Try the App FAQs below. If you’re still struggling let us know by emailing The Big Sleuth team at and we’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as we can. Happy trailing!

App FAQ’s

I’m having problems signing in.

Try turning your phone off and on again – this has worked for other app players. Close down the app completely and re-open it. Fill in your name, email and postcode details. You should get through to the email preferences screen. Make sure you tick to accept Ts & Cs to continue. If you’re still having problems please email with the make and model of your phone and the email address you’re using to register and we’ll do our best to help.

How do I find the bears?

Open the trail to use the map, pinch and swipe the map to zoom in and out. Location settings need to be turned on to see your location on the map. Or go to the ‘Trail’ tab and search for the name of the bear, artist or location.

How do I unlock a bear?

There is a 4 digit code found on the bear plaque. There are two ways to unlock it on the app. You can do a ‘quick unlock’ by clicking on ‘Found’ at the top of the screen and entering the code there. Or you can enter the code on the bear page.

How do I add a photo to the Bear Gallery?

You can upload a photo to the app Bear Gallery by clicking ‘upload’. You will be asked to either ‘Take a photo’ or ‘Choose from library’. Images uploaded will be vetted by The Big Sleuth team prior to being published on the app. Your photo will be seen by other app players and can be shared on social media. So get creative!

How do I listen to Free Radio via the app?

Upon launch of the app you’ll hear Dan and Naomi from Free Radio introduce their special soundtrack to the trail. Simply click the link on the app home page to go to the Free Radio website and follow the instructions. Click the yellow music icon on the app homepage to turn off the Free Radio pre-roll.

Incorrect codes

If you’ve already unlocked a bear the app will display an incorrect code message. Check your bear listing pages to see if you have already collected it. If not, it could be an error we need to fix – gulps! So please let us know the code and bear by emailing at

I unlocked a Little Bear but can’t see it on my app listing.

Some of the Little Bears are listed on the Big Bears trail – confusing we know. Check the Big Bear listing to see if your Little Bears name is there instead.

Do I need to fill in all the sign up fields?

No. You only need to fill in your name, email and postcode. Your pedometer, bears, rewards and fundraising data will be used for event evaluation purposes only. If you do not wish your app data to be used you can opt-out in writing to

In-app Fundraising

Now you can start in-app fundraising. Connect the app with your Just Giving page and help raise funds for our sick kids. Already started collecting bears and want to reset your bears to zero to start a fundraising challenge? Our nifty reset feature is coming next week! So get planning and organise with your friends to complete the Super Sleuth Challenges in a group or go solo! Refresh the app and click on the Fundraise (Heart) page to see our three Super Sleuth Challenges! For more information head to the Super Sleuth page.

I need more help.

If you’re having problems with the app, please let us know by emailing The Big Sleuth team at and we’ll do our best to help you. Happy trailing!