About the Bear

The Big Sleuth bear has been created specifically for Birmingham and the trail will be the first of its kind.

The world’s smallest species of bear, the Sun Bear is also known as the Honey Bear as it likes to eat vast quantities of it – using its trademark incredibly long tongue to scoop it all up.

Each Sun Bear has a crescent marking on its chest which looks like a rising or setting sun. Each of these markings is unique to the bear, just like a human’s fingerprints.

The Sun Bear originates from South Asia and will bring out the explorer and traveller in all of us to ensure we all get more active to walk, jog, run or cycle the trail.

He also lives in the rainforest and is under threat from deforestation. So the education programme will bring to life the environment and conservation messages for our Sun Bear.

Created by Guy McKinley and developed by Wild in Art, our bear sculpture has been designed to act as a canvas for artists, schools and communities to showcase the creativity and uniqueness of Birmingham.